3 Secrets to a Successful Social Media Post: How to Have Mockfire Help You?

September 29, 2021, by Ryan A

Social media is a great way to engage with your audience and grow your brand. But we all know how hard it is to foresee where to start, what kind of content you should post, and how often.

If you're wondering how posts should be planned and executed or what kind of content is going over well with followers at any given moment, and if you’re looking for a way to enhance your social media presence, here we have a few golden rules for you. 

We condensed the 5 fundamental goals you should have in your mind while creating a successful social media post! 

You'll learn about the importance of posting cleanly, choosing images that fit each industry, and using captions effectively. 

Naturally, every single industry is unique with its sales history and experience, but having looked at the most successful brands’ management, it is safe to say that these rules are well-tested and approved. 

Follow these tips to have your social media presence improve drastically.

1. Keep it Neat! 

Keep it neat! This one is more important than anything.

Keeping your social media posts sleek and simple in any industry will help you achieve a clutter-free page that captures the eye of any 21st-century beholder, as well as keep up with all the goals discussed earlier in the intro.

If done correctly, they should also prove easy enough for even those without an artistic hand or skill set. 

Keeping the posts as minimalistic as possible while making sure the post includes everything out there to be said, so people engage further, is not an easy task. 

There are a few things worth considering before picking out images/ captions from wherever source material is available online. 

2. Choose the Image Right!

80% of what people learn is visual. 

This doesn't mean that you should try to deliver 80% of your brand identity in a single photo. 

You can let the simplest photo with a genius ‘message’ express the product’s identity. This being said, you cannot underestimate the power of one image by treating it as a simple click.

It’s ideal if you spend the time you would spend on creating a graphic design photo, on choosing the right angle presenting the quality of the product you want to present.

Whatever it is that you’re promoting- an idea, a motto, or a tangible product, you need to imprint in your mind that the most important thing you can do for your brand messaging is deliver an emotion for a stronger bond with your audience. 

Whatever you do, whether you go minimalistic, or Kitch, keep in mind that you’re working on selling an emotion. 

And that each needs to be tip-top, daylight-saturated, and in short - high quality!

3. Captions, Captions, Captions! 

This is a broad topic in the world of social media marketing, but it’s possible to condense it to a few rules. 

Brainstorming a caption starts by identifying the goal. Conducting a public awareness campaign to boost your exposure or brand awareness, in general, will lead you to the right decision for a caption. The key is always the quality of content in any case. 

Even if you’re writing a full-on story or a 3-sentence caption, remember that the reader decides to keep reading or not, after reading the first sentence. 

Depending on what’s your campaign goal, you’ll need to define the kind of caption you’re looking for. 

You might be seeking a caption that will cause more engagement from your audience, you might be focused on a call-to-action, or simply want to write something that will lighten the day up for your followers. 

This is also an important thing to keep in mind. Always post for the pleasure of your audience!  

If someone asked me to explain the caption secret in one sentence, I’d say: “Use emoticons the right amount, separate sentences, and work on the pleasure of your audience!”

What Now?

If you’re still not sure how to apply this new knowledge to conduct a successful social media marketing campaign because you’re afraid of making mistakes, you can use Mockfire to see how your posts will look before it is published.

You’ll be free of the trauma of posting something and changing your mind later! 

Mockfire is a powerful online mockup tool that can turn your social media content into professional mockups, allowing you to get content approved 6x faster and get a feel of the post before it goes live.

Its free, simple mockup templates and unparalleled dashboard will assist you in crafting social media posts your brand and followers deserve to see on the feed.

Ryan Almeida
Founder & CEO