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15+ Social Media Mockups to Seriously Up Your Game

August 23, 2021, by Ryan A

Would you like to see how your designs would look on popular social media platforms before you publish them? Do you want to show off your designs with realistic social media mockups that instantly draw attention to them?

There are tons of social media mockups to bundle your content, designs and call to actions together into beautiful mockups that you can proudly show off to your clients and colleagues

Facebook Mockups

Facebook is one of the first and most popular social network out there. It currently has over 2.6 Billion monthly active users that are constantly engaging with each other and with the brands they love. Use these Facebook Mockups to showcase your social media designs.

Facebook Posts

Turn your Facebook Post designs into branded mockups by uploading your logo, graphics and adding your own caption. Download your customized mockups and share it with the world.

Image/Video Ads

Generating a realistic mockup of your Facebook ad can help you understand how your content will be seen by your followers. This is a great way to fine tune the ad before launching it on ads manager.

Carousel Ad

Facebook Carousel Ads have been increasingly popular over the years. Brands have used carousel to promote commerce products, services and also new announcements.


Facebook Albums are a great way to share highlights from a company event or showcase photos and videos of a new product into one single post. This is a popular post type among restaurants, nightclubs, hotel and resorts and more businesses in the entertainment industry.


Facebook stories may not be as popular as its counterpart on Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok but it still generates more views and interactions than a regular post. Try it out to see if this is something that works for your brand.

Instagram Mockups

Instagram is by far one of the most-used marketing tools by brands, influencers and anyone else looking to reach people far and wide. The social network also offers a wide range of content types for users to communicate their message and instantly get views and clicks. Use the below Instagram Mockups to see a live version of your designs before presenting it before the world.

Instagram Posts

Put out product updates and marketing collateral regularly using Instagram posts and reach your followers instantly. The cool thing about posts is that every single person that follows your account gets to see it. Instagram cleverly also pushes out popular posts to its explore page so users looking for similar content can also get a peek, bringing you more views and more followers.

Instagram Ads

Instagram has given businesses on its platform the ability to advertise by targeting its users through their interest. You can use these ads to push out compelling content that really draws users to your product or service.


Ever since its launch, Instagram stories has grown in popularity and has quickly become the go-to mode or communication for users. Brands have quickly jumped onboard and embraced stories to share videos and photos of their offerings.


Twitter has become a social network that constantly sees more and more brands creating content that quickly goes viral and sparks a debate among the masses. It’s also quite popular with celebrities and NGOs around the world. There are several Twitter Mockups that you can use for your content:

Tweets (text/image)

Tweets are a quick way to put out a message to your followers without wasting much time. The 140 character limit encourages users to keep the message short and sweet, thereby promoting readership.

Image Ads

Promote your products and services with an image ad that cleverly reachers the audience you have targeted. Although Twitter ads are slightly more expensive compared to Facebook, they have proved very effective for a lot of businesses.

App Install Ads

Drive users to your app download page with powerful ads that directly focus on getting you more app installs. Pair the content with an image of your app to give users a peek and what they can expect.

App Installs - Carousel Ads

Twitter’s carousel ads offer better engagement and visibility for your app. Use this to promote multiple features of your app and draw in users that may want to download it. You can also customize the color of the call to action button with this ad.

Website Click Ads

Direct users to your website with one of Twitter’s most popular ad type. Website Click Ads work great with powerful content and hard-hitting images. Try them out to see how effective it is for your brand.


Video marketing has outgrown photos and YouTube is the clear favorite in this industry. YouTube is used over 280 Million times every day and its one of the best tools to promote your brand.

YouTube Video Previews

Generate high quality previous of your YouTube videos by uploading the thumbnail image into the mockup editor. This will help you understand how users see your thumbnail before watching the video.


A great source for visual content, Pinterest works wonders for any business that relies on communicating with followers using visual graphics. Pinterest has also recently added video pins to keep users more engaged on its platform.

Pinterest Pins

Create beautiful mockups of your Pinterest Pins before launching it live. Pins are one of the best traffic generators for blogs and businesses that depend on it’s visual medium of engagement.


LinkedIn is a powerful tool for businesses to connect to professionals and also gain quick exposure. The social network is used widely as a job board and to post company updates and important announcements. Use these LinkedIn mockups to preview your content before making it live.

LinkedIn Posts

Share updates and announcements about your company with your professional network using a LinkedIn Post. These are also great to communicate about new products and services.

Image Ads

LinkedIn Image Ads are great to generate more clicks to your website or even to get more people to apply for a job vacancy. You can also tailor your call to action with these ads to serve its purpose and get people to easily engage with it.

Carousel Ads

Although carousel ads on LinkedIn are not as widely used as they may be on Facebook and Twitter, the social network does see its users take advantage of this ad type to promote products and professional services.

Ryan Almeida
Founder & CEO